2017 9/Feb

This post is aimed to people who want to learn a new programming language. If you are already familiar with coding this will help you structure your way to learn, if you are not, I hope this post will help you anyway! Learning is experience, everything else is just information – ALBERT EINSTEIN   First […]

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2015 23/Apr

When launching a startup, we should find that kid spirit we may have lost. Here is a list of things kids do which we can learn and get inspired from when launching a startup: Every day is a new beginning When the day starts, they have forgotten all the negative things of the previous day. […]

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2015 1/Apr

Last week I was at the first edition of No Fail, No Gain, a conference about what the speakers learned from their failures, organized by GOTORO. I haven’t spoken about my failures during that conference; all I did was present GOTORO as an introduction, yet I had a few things I could have said. Indeed, […]

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2015 3/Mar

Before I explain why brands should pay attention to what is happening on their social media accounts, let me start with an example coming from my own experience. I am an Apple user since 2007 when I bought my first MacBookPro after smashing my ASUS windows laptop against a wall out of frustration after it […]

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2015 2/Mar

Warning, this post is about freelancing in Belgium, I’m not sure how things are working in other countries! Also, I base this on my experience as an IT consultant, it probably isn’t the same for other kind of consultants, for example marketing, sales etc… In almost all companies I have been doing freelance consulting at […]

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