2015 / 23 April

11 things to learn from your kids when launching a startup

iStock_000018243865_Small_rocket_kid_630wWhen launching a startup, we should find that kid spirit we may have lost. Here is a list of things kids do which we can learn and get inspired from when launching a startup:

  • Every day is a new beginning

When the day starts, they have forgotten all the negative things of the previous day. They tend to remember only the positive events. If you have the same energy when launching your startup, you’ll rock!

  • They learn new things every day

Kids are always asking: why? They are naturally curious. If you stay curious when launching a startup, you’ll question every option you have before you make a decision. Overthinking is good, especially in the first stages. But, don’t forget that at some time you must stop thinking and start doing!

  • They don’t hold grudges

Children can be very forgiving. That is because they understand everybody does mistakes. They also forgive to themselves very easily. When launching your startup, try doing the same, especially if your co-founder screws something up!

  • They don’t need to spend money to reach their goals

Kids are very creative! They are DIY experts. When launching a startup, you must be as lean as possible, and therefore try to do the most with the almost no money. Be creative, do things yourself!

  • They don’t take “no” as a definitive answer

This is very annoying to parents. If mom says no, they’ll ask dad, then their grandparents and so on until they get what they want. Do the same in your startup, you’ll be amazed how that can work! (caution, you can also get people very angry like this! )

  • They don’t give up

They fell more than once when learning to walk, but they didn’t give up, they tried another technique! This should inspire you: if your initial startup plan doesn’t work, pivot!

  • They take risks

Yes, they are not afraid to fail! How could you ever learn to ride a bike if you were afraid to fall and hurt yourself? Launching a startup is all about taking risks. Be prepared!

  • They rehearse before a show

Kids will rehearse like crazy before going on stage to perform a show (music/dance/theatre…). You should do exactly the same with your pitch! Rehearse over and over again until it is perfect.

  • They ask for help

If a kid can’t do something, he’ll ask someone for help (his parents or teacher first). As a startup entrepreneur you should also get advice from experienced people. Asking for help is not a shame: nobody expects that you are some kind of super entrepreneur knowing everything on all topics!

  • They talk to strangers

Parents often ask their kids not to talk to strangers, but kids love talking! As a startup entrepreneur, you should talk to strangers, a lot of them. When we grow up, we call it networking! Networking is an essential part of your startup’s development!

  • They have fun every day.

Kids laugh every day, they are having fun! If launching your startup isn’t fun for you there is something wrong.

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