2015 / 21 February

Why non-technical conferences are also for techies.

TEDxLiège 2014 teamAs I am organizing such conferences (TEDxLiège, Pecha Kucha Liège, No Fail No Gain), I often talk about these conferences to my techie colleagues and they sometimes wonder if these conferences are relevant to them.
I always answer that they are! Here is why:

  • These conferences are designed to inspire you! When was the last time you got inspired by something totally out of your comfort zone?
  • Get away from you desk for a while, but keep your brain in activity! You might not be writing code but your brain activity will not be flat, you’ll be surprised how many ideas pop up while listening to an inspiring talk!
  • Meet people interesting people, maybe out of your industry, maybe not. Usually, the people attending these conferences are quite smart, so discussions with them might end up very interesting.
  • Learn about things you had probably never even heard of, and understand why they are important.
  • Have fun! None of the speakers talking to these events are aiming to bore you to death, they work hard to make their talk attractive (and some even make them very funny).
  • Meet the speakers! Usually the speakers attend the networking moments, it is the best time to go to talk to them!

Are you convinced yet? If not you probably should be coding rather than reading this blog, get back to work!
If you are convinced, check out the website of our events: www.tedxliege.com, www.pechakuchaliege.be, www.nofailnogain.com and register for the next conference!

See you there!

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