2014 / 30 November

Time management: the pomodoro technique

the pomodoro techniqueGetting focused and getting things done is something I have been struggeling with a few years back. That is until my good friend Malik wrote a blog post for my previous complany about the pomodoro technique.

The pomodoro technique helps you to focus on 25 minutes tasks. You need to take the distractions away and really focus on one task. It works fine for me, and I have now been using this for years. When I am focused on my current task, the only way to have me distracted is to come and talk to me or call me over the phone. In those cases it might be an emercency, and so I can stop my current task to answer the phone or to my colleague coming to talk with me.

I will not explain the technique in depth here, the pomodoro technique blog is there for that! When I got started I used my phone timer to mesure the 25 minutes, but now it has become instincive, I don’t measure the time anymore. The same happened with the tasks I had to do. At first it wasn’t that easy to get 25 minutes tasks, but after a while, you tend to organise your time with 25 minute tasks and it all seems natural!

Give it a try if your have time management issues, it worked great for me, maybe it will work great for you too!

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