2015 / 24 February

Some of the productivity tools I use

toolsI am writing this blogpost to answer the question what tool do you use for… (fill in here)?
The intent of this blogpost is NOT to make advertisment for these tools (btw, I don’t think they need it), it is just to list these tools so that I get this question a little bit less often! There is a mix of online, offline, mobile & cloud tools.
Ok, here we go:

  • Website: WordPress (I also use Prestashop & other tools, but wordpress is the one I use most)
  • Sending newsletters: Mailchimp
  • Cloud storage: Dropbox
  • Project Management: Basecamp
  • Password Management: mSecure (iPhone app)
  • Invoicing & CRM: Dolibarr
  • File Transfer: WeTransfer
  • Communication: Skype
  • Text communication: Whatsapp (iPhone app)
  • Posting on social media: Buffer
  • Getting notified on things I find relevant: Google Alerts

I’ll update this list when asked what tool I use for this or that!

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